Hello, and welcome to our site Desk Planner! Curious to know about the people behind this site? So lets go and have a short meeting with us right way:)

Hey, I’m Ish, the founder of “DESK PLANNER.” My dream is to make people fall in love with working and bring all the comfortable in your daily-life style! I am a passionate Researcher about human soul. We live in a society where working is the only option to be success. To gain this success we all put at stake both our physical and mental health. Our environment influences our productivity.

I also love working but gradually i felt that I am loosing all my energy, comfort zone and so on. Then I realize that I am not comfortable with my working style. And I start inventing all the reasons behind this. I was not happy with my office furniture’s. So, I researched, tried, tested, and replaced things constantly. Gradually it turn into my goal to help every office workers who are similar with the situation I had gone through.

I want to make your office space as functional, as comfortable, and as heavenly as possible while keeping productivity, creativity, and inspiration at the core of it. My another joining hand helps me more to research all these things. Find him below:)

About us
About us

Hi! I am here as all of yours well-wisher, Antt. I am not so addicted in contents but I love to serve my beloved peoples who are in need of peace, happiness, comfort zone. Here I am a Desk Planner specialist and consultant. I bring out all new coming products that are useful to you all working guys.

But the main part about us is before display products we personally collects all reviews and compare them. If people are liking them or I found them beneficial to office workers only then I put it in front of you all. Also, I know the sorrows of a worker so I choose the best for them. You can freely contact me anytime to know the better. Contact me here- anttplanner [@] Gmail

Glad to introduce about us to you all
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